Winter planning


It’s mid-October, and my main aim for the moment is simply to stay riding over the coming months. I want to be fit enough in January to ride 5 hours comfortably. If I have that as a base I think that’s a good start considering what I want to achieve next year.

At the start of this year I began a 6-month plan with Ewan, who was training for his Ironman. I’d been fit in the autumn of 2007 (when I bought the Wilier) but my stamina wasn’t that good. Ewan’s plan involved building distance steadily week on week: we started at 3 hours and built that up to 7 hours continuous riding in late May of this year, just prior to the Dragon Ride in June. I found that during the winter months the long distances really wiped me out – next year I’m hoping to feel stronger, earlier, and to start building in hills and pace work sooner.

I’ve uploaded a Google calendar to share my plan.

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