Sevenoaks loop: the Ashdown in reverse


Rode a 65 mile loop from Sevenoaks today with Millsy. My plan was to ride most of the Hell of the Ashdown route, but I didn’t check which direction it had gone. For the first 2 hours I was wondering why I couldn’t remember anything about the route. Had I blanked the trauma from my memory? In fact not – we were just going in reverse. The flashbacks came later.

The Charing X – Sevenoaks train ride could be the new Waterloo – Epsom. It takes about as long, and being the good side of the river Thames Charing X seems much closer to home than Waterloo. Sevenoaks is a very civilised station and there’s a ramp outside for smooth entry and exit. Nice.

More importantly, Kent and the Ashdown Forest offer an excellent variety of riding. The roads are quieter than the environs of Dorking / Leatherhead, and, crucially, the climbs are steeper. On a toughness scale I would put Toy’s Hill above any of the hills further west in the North Downs.

Detailed North Downs climbs toughness chart pending.

Below is the HOTA route, embedded courtesy of Route You‘s rather sucky javascript tool. Why does the title take up so much room? Why is the map so small? Why does the text trigger a scrollbar? Why does Route You’s embed conflict with a Google Maps embed in same WordPress post? Ask Route You.

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  1. Millsy March 9th, 2009 at 6:26 am


    Those words keep appearing, stacked on top of eachother, towering upwards in front of me as I recall that climb. Look forward to doing it again – perhaps on a new bike!

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