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Check it out. The home page currently offers a photo of me pseudo-toasting Jonny in the Puncheur.

While we’re on the subject, I have a couple of suggestions for Mr Phil O’Connor of Sportive Photo. No quibble with the quality of the photography, excellent event coverage, reliable web interface, very fast processing times. But £7.50 for a digital download? It’s too expensive – all I want is to email my Mum and post on this blog. 

This is how I would price images in this scenario:

  • lo-res (600px longest edge) digital download: £3
  • hi-res digital download: £6
  • all hi-res rider photos from single event zipped for download: £25

Printed image prices are fine, as is the bill for burning all images to CD (£30), which clearly takes time.  

But I do think Phil’s pricing misses a trick in deterring the casual digital downloader. I would happily have paid a tenner for a few lo-res files from each event (3 so far this year) – but I won’t pay £22.50. At that price I can handle the watermarks.

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