The Burgess Hill Classic



Yesterday’s 114km sportive, my 3rd of the year, marked a new milestone in my training calendar. At just 4km longer than the Puncheur a fortnight ago, the Burgess Hill Classic was significantly hillier, with Kidds Hill after 45km and (contrary to what one rider was saying at the first feed station) a draining series of short, steep climbs from about the 80km mark. 

Millsy and I set off briskly. After about 5 minutes my heart rate was up in the 160s where it stayed until the 39km feed station (I really tried to chill out but it didn’t work). About 45 mins in I took off after another rider in a Geneva Investment Group (GIG) jersey on a fast downhill run. Mills remained with the peloton. GIG and I put in a strong leg together before joining the back of a larger group, with whom we rode at a good tempo up Kidds Hill (HR 176) and beyond. The next climb blew our group apart, and I ended up stranded between a faster group and a slower one, playing cat and mouse with some guy wearing Ron Hill tracksters. GIG was toast – I didn’t see him again. 

After the first feed station I should have tried to join another group but ended up solo again. I had a couple of chances to latch onto quick riders, but one duo just blew me away, and another I missed in a moment of minor route confusion at a triangular T-junction. 

In retrospect, a critical stage of the event came at the final feed stop in Ardingly. Earlier, I had mistakenly refilled my bottles with water instead of energy drink, and by 92km I’d finished all fluids and my head was pounding. What I didn’t know when I stopped into the hut for a refill was that I was then in 18th place overall. A decent-sized group must have passed me at that point, although I never saw them. 

Back on the road, I finally caught the wheel of a fast rider who passed me with about 10km to go and together we ripped along to the finish. Final time 4hrs 18, 26th out of 232 – although missing out on Gold by 3 minutes. 

Meanwhile, Millsy had encountered a cruel mechanical banana skin, blowing out the sidewall of his back tyre shortly after Ardingly. This effectively ended his ride, but luckily his Dad drove out to the rescue from Henfield. Unlucky Millsy: based on his splits he was on for a 4:40 finish.

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