The Muni-Mula – should she stay or should she go?


Kona Muni-Mula, 1998 edition.

Kona Muni-Mula, 1998 edition.

I officially can’t decide what to do with my Kona Muni-Mula (1998) frame. Can I make this phoenix rise from the ashes one last time with £300-500? Or should I just flog it and buy a brand new MTB?

Sell it, trash it or pimp it: it’s your choice – simply cast your vote in the poll on the right hand side. 

A few details that may help you decide:

  1. I like this bike. We’ve been through some times together.
  2. The frame handles well, it’s pretty light, and has only surface damage.
  3. The Marzocchi Bomber forks need a service but basically they’re fine.
  4. The headset needs replacing.
  5. The frame has no disc mounts, although the fork does.
  6. I would need to purchase new parts for everything you don’t see here except the handlebar, seatpost/saddle and front wheel.

2 Responses to “The Muni-Mula – should she stay or should she go?”

  1. Will March 28th, 2010 at 9:41 am

    I’ve got the 1997 Muni-Mula, still wearing all the parts that came with it (I swapped the SPDs for an S&M DX-type pedal when I bought it). I believe 1997 was the first year Kona made the Muni-Mula and while it looks very similar to yours, the coloured flashes around the black bars are green and the blue might be a tad paler too.

    It’s a real class-act of a bike that’s served me well. I hadn’t ridden it in years until this Friday. I got the rear hub fixed by my firendly neighbourhood bicycle repair man (one of the cones was broken) and the gears tinkered with and then went along to the local Critical Mass ride… because why not.

    The comments I got were all positive and ran right from “nice bike” to rather vocal and clearly exressed jealousy. There were a few surprised faces when people heard the bike was 12 to 13 years old too – it’s clearly not dated much in that time!

    At a ride with a couple of hundred cyclists, a bike getting attention like that must have something going for it. 😀

    I’ll be taking bits off and giving it a really good, deep clean over the next few weeks… before long it’ll be like a new bike again (save for the well-earned scratches on the paintwork).

    In short? Get that thing fixed up… but then, it’s been over a year since you posted it so it’s probably done or gone by now!

  2. Will March 28th, 2010 at 9:43 am

    Ah… right after typing that I saw the “sold” post.
    I hope I’ve not made you regret anything!

    Still – lovely bike and someone’s got themselves a good deal, I think.

    All the best.

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