Lessons I learned on the mountain



Mont Ventoux didn’t hit me in the legs; it hit me in the lower back. After the first 20 minutes of climbing the area from the middle of my back down to my tail-bone became stiff and uncomfortable. This discomfort was the single hardest thing about the climb, and indeed the whole ride. 

La Marmotte won’t be exactly like climbing Mont Ventoux three times, because Ventoux’s average gradient (7.2% from the Malaucene side) is steeper than either the Col du Glandon, the Galibier or Alpe d’Huez. However, I need to do something to minimise the discomfort, and core strength is the key.

Working from a combination of tips from Cycling Weekly (Cav’s Core Workout, sweet) and Aglaia (I would go for another massage but I really can’t afford it) – here’s my programme:

Mon, Tues, Thu, Fri

AM: sit-ups, press-ups, stretching

PM: the plank, superman, back extensions, power bridge

Wed, Sat

Combo core workout (exact details tbc!)

For more ‘cyclo-core’ workouts check out this site.

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