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Am I in heaven - or is this the mid-1990s?

Am I in heaven - or is this the mid-1990s?

Wow. It’s still there. Like a time capsule of Victoriana buried in the garden and dug up after generations, I recently stumbled upon for the first time in almost 3 years.

Cycle Heaven is a bike shop in York that I frequented in my student days. I bought a Scott road bike from them once. My mate ‘Triathlon’ Steve Reid worked there for a while, and in fact ended up practically running the show. 

Back in 2006 Steve approached me to redesign the Cycle Heaven website. I put together a pretty decent pitch, with an array of sample layouts (way more than I would provide these days) intended to impress the management. I was genuinely excited about the project. However, the management didn’t bite – according to Steve, the ‘time wasn’t quite right’, they were ‘still in discussion’.

Anyway, a search for something to do with ‘city bikes’ brought the site up in the Google listings, and at the mere site of the URL my mouse hand started to shake. Surely they had redesigned it by now?

No. There it is, in all its turquoise-blue wibbly-wobbly glory.

I note that the stars-and-planets graphics are now appropriately offset by a shot of the store – at night. The city bikes page is enlivened by a small thumbnail of a woman in her 40s riding a shopper along a gravel track. Sweet. It also looks like Dutch bikes are still going strong up North. And check out the map by the way:

Lost? You are now.

Lost? You are now.

I would like to remind Cycle Heaven of the kind of ass-kicking web presence they could now have, had they taken up my very reasonable offer in 2006. Here are 3 of the designs I presented – and please bear in mind they are 3 years old:


Home page.


Product page 1.


Product page 2 - list.

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