Michael Barry – Le Métier


Pro cyclist Michael Barry’s blog Le Métier is a must-read. Barry – who also writes for the New York Times – blogs his experiences in the pro peloton, his training, and life behind the scenes as a full-time rouleur. His writing is on another level from the output of other high-profile riders: nice-but-dim Ivan Basso (whose tweets I note are now exclusively in Italian); the ranting Wiggo – much as we love him; and of course Lance (permanently self-assertive and on the attack in all aspects of his life) – to name but a few.

This from his latest post shows the kind of insight he offers, delivered in his easy, elegant style:

On a cold rainy winter day, while I was climbing a mountain in solitude, ideas were floating through my head as my heart rate increased with the effort. I thought about the ride. I was alone on a road in the pouring rain. It was a moment in the life of a cyclist that the public doesn’t see. There are thousands of such moments.

It reminded me of a day back in March, when Jonny, Millsy and I ended up fighting our own solitary battles against horizontal drizzle. The thought that we were all three of us enduring this misery, on our own, at the same time, in different parts of south-east England, only appeared absurd; in fact there were probably thousands of other riders doing precisely the same thing across the country. Why? Because we love to ride. Because we work hard in the expectation of a payday. A peak-season payday, hopefully, that happens when you want it to happen; or a day of glory that takes you by surprise.

Anyway, check out Barry.

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