To the Dolomites


Profile of the course.

As intended, the Maratona dles Dolomites is now firmly on the horizon, so I’m taking a closer look at the route profile. Some facts:

  • 138km / 85 miles
  • 4190m height gain (La Marmotte is 4500-5000m, depending on where you get your figures)
  • Hardly any flat sections
  • Temperatures in the mid-upper 20s C
  • In the first 22km you climb from 1436m to 2239m (top of the Passo Pordoi).
  • The Passo Pordoi has an average gradient that matches the Col du Glandon (6.9%) – in fact, the start of the Maratona will be like climbing the Glandon, except with a short 4km descent after 10km.
  • The Pordoi is followed by 3 shorter climbs (and descents) of around 5-6km: the Passo Sella, the Passo Gardena, and the Passo Campolongo – of which the Sella is the steepest.
  • The big one is the Passo Giau, situated at 97km. It’s 10km long, ave. gradient 9.3% – comparable to L’Alpe d’Huez, but slightly shorter and slightly less steep on average, very similar to Ditchling Beacon, but 5 times as long.
  • After the Giau, you descend all the way down to Pocol at 1535m, before ascending to the Passo Valparola, an 11.5km ascent at 5.8% ave. gradient (Box Hill’s steepest sections are 6%, but that is only 2.8km)
  • Following a massive 15km descent, the final 5kms of the ride are gentle uphill.

Evidently, this a climber’s sportive, quite different from most UK sportive routes, which favour the stronger, Classics-style rider. Now that I’ve got a couple of 100 mile sportives under my belt I’m going to have to get back to serious hill reps.

As a footnote here’s a transcript of a Skype chat I had with Millsy, during which we discussed the Maratona and other nonsense:

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