Happy New Year

So, it’s 12th January.



And it’s wet out. Although I guess we’ve had worse.

A brief update on my cycling:

  • I’m not doing a lot of riding right now. I resolved last year that I wouldn’t stress out about winter miles, and that I wouldn’t ride in icy conditions or pouring rain.
  • My weight is 11st 3. I feel pretty tubby, but actually this is 2-3 pounds lighter than I weighed in Jan 2010, and 6-9 pounds lighter than Jan 2009. I’m 6 pounds heavier than my target weight, but this will come off easily over the next few months.
  • I have been in the gym, not just on the spin bike, but hitting some weights, at least once a week since the start of November.

2011 plans:

  • I have the Puncheur on 6th March – the by now traditional early-season benchmark.
  • 12-19 March I’ll be in Girona for a cycling training camp with Millsy, Jonny and Simmo.
  • I’m signed up for the Tour of Wessex in late June, which promises to be a new (and tough) experience.

I don’t have any plans for a European sportive mission this summer. I couldn’t get enthusiastic about the two-part 2011 √Čtape du Tour – neither leg on its own offered as distinctive a challenge as La Marmotte, and signing up for both was too much money and too much holiday. However, the event is still very much on my list for the future. The Tour of Wessex is a big event on home turf, and for the moment that’s enough.

Other plans will hopefully involve an MTB expedition to Spain around Easter time – ‘stay tuned’, as they used to say during the 90s.

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