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What recession?

My 2009 Wiggle tab. I'm not proud.

My 2009 Wiggle tab. I'm not proud.

As another £50 finds its way from my pocket to Wiggle’s today (for a chain and 4 brake pads), I take comfort in this from Velodramatic:

The world economy may be in shambles but those of us who ride and still have a job to go to can always find a way to justify one more piece of Rapha kit. There’s nothing wrong with looking good when times are bad. Just make sure there’s a little something left over for charity.


Velodramatic's Tab: read it and weep.

I know that, however much I splurge on bike bits and cycling essentials, my debits pale into insignificance when compared to Velodramatic’s Tab. The Tab is the most blatant, glorious example of celebrating a bike gear habit on the web. It’s a list of over USD $42,000’s worth of purchases made over the past few years, the majority of it on high-end items and clothing that most of us struggle to justify. The man’s spending is epic, it is shameless, it is immense. To top it all the page itself is a labour of love, an elegant, neatly implemented HTML table with star ratings and links to suppliers where applicable. 

I am in awe.

Wilier Mortirolo Veloce 07

The Wilier Mortirolo Veloce 2007 

The Wilier Mortirolo Veloce 2007

Here’s my bike. I’ve had it since early September 2007, and it’s performed handsomely in its first year of service. The only bits I’ve changed so far have been both tyres and numerous inner tubes – sharp flints are a regular hazard on the roads of southern England. 

Some upgrades are on the cards for next year however:

  • Wheels: splashing on a new set of wheels is probably the most sensible way to improve the bike’s performance and reduce the weight (by around 300-350g hopefully). Joe recommends the Campagnolo Neutrons
  • Pedals: some Look Keo carbons, for sure.
  • Bar / Stem: possible bling carbon action for the cockpit.