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The Ride Journal

The Ride Journal screengrab

The Ride Journal screengrab

Sites like The Ride Journal make me want to redesign this one. Nice work guys.

Damien Hirst Madone

Damien Hirst styles the Trek Madone.

Damien Hirst styles the Trek Madone.

Trek has commissioned a number of high-profile designers to design new paint schemes for its range of Madone road bikes. Check out the Damien Hirst gallery and lots more via the Trek Flickr stream

Via @lancearmstrong.

Republic Bike liked


Any examples of good web design in a cycling context will be posted. Above: Republic Bikes, spotted on Dropular.

Half Acre Cycling


I discovered Half Acre Cycling via a post on their designer’s website. It’s a really cracking site that continually reminds me I need to create a new theme for this one. Another reminder was my discovery last night of Joe’s Échapée site, which obviously uses the same ClockWorkSimple theme as this blog. It is on my list, but I want to give it some proper time.

Welcome and Why

Welcome to my blog about cycling. Setting this up I’ve got some key aims in mind:

  • Training. I want to record and share my training diary over the coming months, for my own benefit but also hopefully for the benefit of others. I know I’d be interested in reading a good cycling blog about following a training plan through the seasons – maybe others will too. A little early research has unearthed not much in the way of cycling training blogs on the web. 
  • Web Design. It’s not (all) about the bike. I make a living from the web, so naturally I want to shape this website into something that looks good and works well, while reflecting my love of cycling. A little early research has unearthed practically nothing in the way of well-designed cycling blogs.
  • Community. It’s a tall order, but I’d be well chuffed if people actually read this blog. With that in mind, I’m going to try to mash the whole bike thing with the whole web thing, and with any luck produce some content that’s worth visiting the site for – whether you’re a commuter, roadie, MTB-er or armchair enthusiast.