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Winter diet

Wheat biscuit breakfast

At 26 January my weight is already down below 11st / 70kg. I’ve lost the Christmas flab simply by not over-eating at every meal. However, at this stage I’m not convinced it’s wise to lose much more weight. It will be easy to shave off 5-6 pounds between now and 4 July – no need to get hysterical.

With this in mind, here is a rough outline of my daily diet. This is accurate for days when I commute into work (40 mins), do 10 hours at my desk, then commute back.


  • 2 Weetabix with grapenuts / porridge
  • 1 fruit (banana or apple)
  • 2 toast with jam
  • tea
  • orange juice


  • coffee
  • optional nuts / dried fruit
  • very occasionally, a banana – mostly I can keep going til 1pm


  • ideally, a plate of warm food e.g. pasta, rice
  • or – Pret a Manger / Eat / Sainsbury’s sandwiches, in that order of preference
  • possible cup-a-soup, samosa, crisps (basically, this is my point, it’s January)


  • tea
  • 3 Weetabix, fruit (crucial to avoid the bonk on the way home)
  • possible biscuits / office munchies


  • all I can eat, plus seconds, of whatever it is – my girlfriend makes phenomenal curries and stews with chorizo, chicken etc.
  • beer
  • tequila shot
  • butter and soft cheese still allowed in moderation
  • yoghurt
  • chocolate if we’ve got it in
  • honey, ginger and lemon hot drink

I wanted to record this realistic picture of a hungry cyclist’s food intake when it’s cold outside and he’s already a bit skinny. There’s plenty of room for trimming out the munchies and the fatty / sugary stuff in due course.