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Herne Hill for the Velodrome

Designed by Christian Statham.

My friend and former UAL colleague Christian Statham entered his ‘Herne Hill for the Velodrome’ design into TFL’s Outer Limits competition and came second. Seeing as I live not far from Herne Hill now, and I was chuffed about Christian getting his prize, and it’s a cool design, I snapped up a poster print of it late last year.

Christian isn’t quite as much of a bike nut as I am – it seems he has a life – but he’s an excellent designer, a real technician with digital artwork and colour, and aside from that a massive retro buff with a keen eye for curiosities in all genres. Devote a lazy Sunday afternoon to his Colourschool blog, it’s a treasure trove of discerning interest and assorted cultural knick-knacks.