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The Dartmoor Classic

Yesterday’s event was a very tough 105 miles in the West Country. The day featured 6 hours of hard riding over relentless hills, more solo slogging than group work, and a sensational performance from Jamie Balment. (more…)

Looming large: the Dartmoor Sportive

On Saturday I’ll be catching a train down to Plymouth in advance of the Dartmoor Classic, a 100-mile sportive. It’s looking pretty hilly:

The Dartmoor Classic route and elevation chart.

The Dartmoor Classic route and elevation chart.

If you’re hitting this from Google you may also be interested in this Mapometer map

I’ll be riding with Jamie and Duncan. Based on my outing with them a fortnight ago, they’re both on pretty useful form. Jamie, in particular, is capable of pushing his body to the limits and beyond, as evidenced by his serious accident in the 2007 London Marathon, where he collapsed from heat exhaustion a few hundred yards before the finish. He still blames a spectator’s food bag, a la Armstrong on the 2003 Tour.

So, even though I’m not supposed to be hammering it 6 days before the Marmotte, I am expecting a decent ride. It should give my legs the shock they need to regain Reigate-like form.