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Catlike Whisper

The Catlike Whisper.

The Catlike Whisper.

I know I bought a new helmet this summer. But it’s too dome-like. I bought it in a hurry and I got a size too big, and I don’t like it, so I’m buying a new one. The Catlike Whisper is on the list for next year.

Product review: White Lightning Lubes

Millsy wants to know what lube to use. Figured I’d post my answer. 

From my experience of frequent UK road riding, my number 1 recommendation would be White Lightning Clean Ride.


If you ride regularly an oily chain is the bane of your life. The stuff gets everywhere. Clean Ride is the only lube I’ve found that is effective whilst keeping the chain clean.

You still need to rub the chain clean after each ride, and re-apply before the next one, but it’s a good idea to do this anyway to keep things rolling smoothly and prevent grime accumulating.

For longer rides, apply lots, wait 20 mins, then re-apply.

For long, hard, wet rides, you will need a tougher lube. If I’m going longer than 4 hours, I use White Lightning Epic Ride, which is not as clean but will ensure your chain doesn’t dry out, cause friction, and slow you down.


Just by the way, avoid this:


It says it’s clean, but actually it’s much thicker than White Lightning, and ends up black and messy in no time.

Product review: Continental Grand Prix 4000


These tyres are top. They are certainly lighter than the Ultra Gator Skins I previously reviewed, and in fact they seem more resistant to cuts and general wear & tear. This begs the question: why settle for less, especially since CRC are currently offering them for only £7-8 more? Velodramatic uses them, so they must be OK – although he’s got the limited edition white ones of course…

Rapha kit

My recent birthday brought with it a couple of choice new items for my cycling wardrobe. The first was a Rapha long sleeve jersey


Basically, everything you’ve heard is true: exquisite detailing, great fit, good looks. Every serious cyclist would love to own some of this kit. I haven’t worn it yet because I refuse to subject it to winter grime (so maybe in June, then). I mean, you have to like this:


A Pantani homage in the back pocket. Unreal.

Product review: Continental Ultra Gator Duraskin


I’m replacing my Ultra Gators, which I’ve been running since June-ish. I’m getting more Ultra Gators, because they’re:


  • cheap
  • pretty light
  • pretty fast
  • pretty puncture resistant
But I am having to replace them after 6 months. Is that as good as it gets?
Basically once the tyre is ripped, the rip sucks up tiny shards of flint that mean flatting in the same spot again and again. Apparently the way to avoid the rip in the first place is to always inflate to 110-120 psi…

The Howies Merino base layer: one year on

Last Christmas I was the lucky recipient of the above Merino wool base layer from Howies. It saw me through last winter, and it’s seeing me through this one. It’s an awesome product: comfortable, warm when dry, warm when wet. The most amazing thing is that you can wear it for a week and it doesn’t smell. Other tops hum after 30 minutes – this just defies belief.

Buy one. Wear it. Never take it off.