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Easter weekend riding

I combined long miles with quality rest and a hard workout over the long Easter weekend. 

Part 1: The miles

Friday was a gruellathon, 110 miles from home to Sevenoaks. It followed the same route as last Saturday as far as Ardingly, then followed this extension route.

View Century 2 (extension) in a larger map

I flatted just outside of Cobham, then from the 2 hour mark the rain came down, and it came down almost unremittingly for a further 5 hours. Thankfully I had my waterproof but Carne was wearing just a light jersey and was soaked to the skin. The route has some healthy climbs in the first two-thirds, but from Ardingly the hills just keep coming. I followed Carne’s back wheel doggedly over most of them, until we got to Toys Hill and my eyes started to glaze over. 

These 2 long rides have been really good prep for the 110-mile Fred Whitton on May 10th. 

Part 2: The rest

I went to Norfolk for Saturday and Sunday nights, and got in some quality rest – more than I would have allowed myself normally. Long nights of sleep and general lounging in the day saw me progress from exhaustion on Friday night to a full recovery by Monday morning. 

Part 3: The workout

Fully recovered, after a muggy 4-hour drive back to London on Monday I was chomping at the bit. I went for a Regent’s Park / Swain’s Lane quality session – the below graph shows my heart rate over 2 hours. 


Heart rate graph for a 2-hour quality session. Ignore the blip at the start...

I went hard, evidently. After a 25-minute warmup I did 4 laps of the park, 4-5 minutes at brisk-to-hard (85%-95% max) on 2-3 mins steady. My chest started hurting at the top of the inhalation, which is something that tends to happen to me when I go off too hard, like a lung-strain.

I found it fairly easy to push my HR up over 170, whereas I’m sure during similar sessions in February I found it harder to achieve (and sustain) such a high rate.

My HR went even higher on the hills. I did 6 repeats on Swain’s Lane, alternating standing then seated. The first one I hit really hard (could I have gone harder?), standing up. Overall, going hard felt good, I felt strong and fine sustaining such a high HR.

Sevenoaks loop: the Ashdown in reverse

Rode a 65 mile loop from Sevenoaks today with Millsy. My plan was to ride most of the Hell of the Ashdown route, but I didn’t check which direction it had gone. For the first 2 hours I was wondering why I couldn’t remember anything about the route. Had I blanked the trauma from my memory? In fact not – we were just going in reverse. The flashbacks came later. (more…)