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Bertelli track bikes

If you’re into hand-built bikes, or indeed if you’re any kind of two-wheel purist, check out

Francesco Bertelli builds track bikes in New York City, and takes his craft pretty seriously. His bikes have no visible logos or stickers in sight, use lugged steel, leather and wood, and are strictly fixed wheel only – none of your urban pseudo-courier flip-flop nonsense thank you very much. The selection of bikes on the website feature restored vintage componentry from the 1950s to the 80s (sourced from all over the world), alongside hand-crafted bits, and (I assume) brand new bolts, bearings and drivetrain.

The styling on some items is fantastically refined, like the curved wooden handlebar on the Domenica. The description of this particular model reads:

This is the kind of bike you would ride during a bright sunny sunday in the middle of spring, with your newspaper under your arm, heading to you [sic] favorite breakfast bar. or at least this is what we are used to do in Italy.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty far off my customary riding habits – but it’s a nice bike nonetheless.

Japanese do bike shops better

Just back from a trip to Japan. Generally, it was awesome. One of the things you always catch yourself saying when you travel around the country is ‘Why can’t we have that back at home?’. Everything appears to work better, everyone appears to work harder, and everyone goes that extra mile to make things better for everyone else.

One evening I was wandering around the backstreets of Kyoto when I looked up and saw this store:

It’s a men’s retro clothing store that ALSO sells vintage road bikes, fixies and track frames. Incredible. I barrelled in there with my camera at the ready. 

Imagine a store when you could come away with a new shirt AND a crankset. 


Vintage Eddy Merckx.

Vintage Eddy Merckx.